Cognitive & Balance Test Collection Process 

  1. Prior to performing cognitive and balance tests, the athlete should be advised that it is important to maximise concentration and performance.
  2. They should be advised that their results will be measured against reference limits, and if their performance is outside of these limits, a retest will be required. 
  3. Following the initial baseline cognitive and balance testing, the attending healthcare professional must retest any sub-test outside of the reference limits (automatically identified in SCRM). 
  4. Retesting of cognitive and balance sub-tests is only required for that sub-test identified as outside reference limits. For example, if Immediate Memory is outside of reference limits. In this case, it is unnecessary to repeat Delayed Recall, but if Delayed Recall is outside the reference limit, Immediate Memory will also be required. The SCRM app will automatically show the modes that need to be retested. 
  5. Retesting should not be undertaken if the player is currently receiving treatment for a concussion or another injury that might affect the test result. 
  6. Before retesting the sub-test, the player should be advised that it is important that they concentrate and perform to the best of their ability. 

The best result from the original and retest will be adopted as the player's