Tips and Troubleshooting

Here are some helpful tips for using SCRM:

First, it's important to keep your operating system up to date and set your apps to automatically update through your app or play store settings. This will help ensure compatibility across the various devices and operating system versions used by everyone.

Other things to keep in mind include setting your display time out to at least 5 minutes, making sure your device is fully charged, and avoiding low power mode. In low power mode the device will close apps that are not in use so when the screen goes to sleep your SCRM app will close and any unsaved information will be lost.

It's also important to sync your device prior to the game and check access, as well as verifying the team list against the app to ensure no players with HIA status are playing. Additionally, make sure to set up Maddocks prior to the game and complete the assessment with the final DONE button.

After the game, check that the assessment has synced by looking for the PDF icon and a status change. It's also crucial to ensure that the HIA1 has synced so the TD has the necessary information for the HIA2. If you encounter any issues, submit a troubleshooting report and email with your device type and a screenshot of the side menu showing the last sync and app version.