Player Card

The player card provides all the information about a specific player. You can see their status with a green ’Active” or red “HIA “indicator, player number, name and position. Additionally, you can easily add or edit a player's number by clicking on the box above their name.

To launch assessments, click on the "baseline" button on the left or the "HIA assessments" button on the right. The player's profile can be accessed by clicking on their image or team jersey.

Within the player history, you can view the baseline status of the player and the most recent baseline conducted. If the player has an open HIA event, the associated assessments will also be visible. If the player is active, the history will only show baseline information. Clicking on the profile button will take you to the player's general and concussion history, which is collected at the time of baseline testing.

If a player has an open HIA event, the Graduate Return to Play stages can be recorded in the player history section. To do so, click on "Add New" in the "Return to Play" card, and then enter the relevant stage and information. You can also adjust the date if necessary to enter information retrospectively.

  • If you need a new player added to your team contact your union administrator or World Rugby