Match day checklists


  • Meet with Rugby Services personnel on arrival and confirm stretcher access to medical room is possible.
  • Confirm all medical room equipment is available especially noting presence of AED, oxygen and spinal evacuation equipment either in medical room or in ambulance, and confirm that this equipment is in good working order. This task may be delegated to the Immediate Care lead if present.
  • Confirm phone number for emergency hospital key contact is available.
  • Confirm that medical support staff, as agreed by the World Rugby Tournament Agreement, are in attendance 60 minutes prior to first match.
  • Confirm radiology services available during and after match if planned to be available.
  • Meet with Team Doctors, Match Officials (referees) and Match Commissioner to confirm:
    • Decisions regarding blood injuries that are allowed access to temporary substitution rests with MDD as from August 1 2013 (World Rugby Regulation 15.2.1.c).
    • The on-field signals to be used - four distinct signals.
    • The location where all HIAs will be undertaken (ideally this would be in the medical room but, if this is too distant from the field, another closer location to pitch side should be identified by the MDD and Team Doctors).
      • The Match Commissioner MUST be aware of the HIA location.
    • If one or both of the Team Doctor(s) wishes to assign HIA duties to the MDD.
    • Who will be in charge of player evacuation if a catastrophic cervical spine injury is suspected (the decision regarding the person in command on the field lies with the Team Doctor).
  • Confirm with the Team Doctors the correct answers to the Maddocks Questions: who was the opposition in last match and what was the result of the last match (win or loss).
  • Confirm HIA forms and pens are available.
  • If the SCRM app is in use, ensure all players from both teams are “synced” on the MDD ipad. It is preferable for the MDD to use their own iPad, if a team ipad is in use, ensure all passwords are available and preferably that Wifi access for the device is secured.
  • Match Day Medical Team MUST undertake a practice cervical spine evacuation prior to the game using head blocks and triple immobilisation.

Download the Match Day Doctor checklists in printable Adobe PDF format