• Confirm with both Team Doctors if any post match medical services are required. This may be delegated to the Immediate care doctor/lead if available.
  • Confirm that all players who have undergone an off-field HIA1 screen during a game, irrespective of the result, have completed a "post-match, same-day" assessment using the World Rugby HIA2 form. It is the responsibility of the MDD to confirm that the Team Doctor has completed the HIA2 within 3 hours of the match ending, ideally prior to leaving the stadium.
  • If assigned by the Team Doctor, the MDD will complete the HIA2 on player(s) who have undergone an off-field HIA1 screen. The MDD in this situation will not be responsible for the remaining neurological assessment or clinical diagnosis.
  • Confirm that the team physician has identified his/her diagnosis at the bottom of page 3 in the HIA2 form.
  • If a dispute arises, the MDD is the final arbiter in determining if a player is physically capable of undertaking an anti-doping test.

Download the Match Day Doctor checklists in printable Adobe PDF format