On planning to assess a collapsed player, ensure you are safe to approach and call for help. Assess the player using the ABC approach, opening their airway and assess for breathing and a pulse for 10 seconds. If there is no pulse; commence CPR immediately after ensuring emergency aid is en route to you. Continue good quality CPR until help arrives or there are signs of life. Ensure there are minimal interruptions in the delivery of CPR, especially chest compressions to maintain the coronary artery perfusion pressure.

If providing care to an paediatric patient in cardiac arrest, be aware of the need for 5 rescue breaths/ventilations and assess for signs of life before commencing chest compressions at a ratio of 15 compressions to 2 breaths/ventilations.

In a choking player, assess severity of any airway obstruction and treat appropriately. Encourage the player to cough if they have an effective cough, if an ineffective cough then deliver up to 5 back blows followed by up to 5 abdominal thrusts, and alternate between these methods until the foreign body is dislodged and the player is able to breathe freely. If the player collapses commence CPR immediately

In a collapsed player with no suspicion of spinal injury who is breathing and with a pulse but remains unconscious, place them in the recovery position to help protect their airway.