Mandibular fractures

Signs and Symptoms of Mandibular Fracture

  • Paraesthesia or anaesthesia along the distribution of the inferior dental and mental nerve (same side lower teeth and lower lip)
  • Inspection
    • Step deformity of the occlusion or on external palpation of the mandible
    • Loss of normal mandibular arch form
    • Dental malocclusion/abnormal bite, if bilateral may be an Anterior Open Bite
    • Sublingual haematoma (look under the tongue)
    • Bleeding or tear in gingivae/gum
    • Missing or loose teeth
  • Palpation
    • Mobility of segments
    • Step defects in buccal or lingual sulci

Patients with a suspected mandibular fracture should be referred to the local emergency department for further assessment, investigation and treatment.