Wellness questionnaires

Wellness questionnaires are a subjective psychological assessment to determine how athletes are coping with the training load (Scott et al, 2016). Excessive exercise can have a negative effect on measures of wellness. In sport, the questionnaire is usually customised to include measures of perceived fatigue, general wellness, muscle soreness and sleep duration. An example of a wellness questionnaire that could be used in rugby is presented in the figure below (Mclean et al, 2010).

Wellness questionnaires are cheap and easy to implement with a large group. Coaches can assess the results very quickly and use it to inform their training, which is what a good monitoring tool needs to do (Scott et al, 2016). Wellness will be related to other factors in the player’s life so a bad score may not be due to excess training but can still indicate that they may be under extra stress which can effect recovery and performance.

54321Record Score
FatigueVery freshFreshNormalMore tired than normalAlways tired
Sleep QualityVery restfulGoodDifficulty falling asleepRestlessInsomnia
General Muscle SorenessFeeling goodGoodNormalIncrease in muscle sorenessVery sore
Stress LevelsVery relaxedRelaxedNormalStressedVery stressed
MoodVery positive moodGenerally good moodLess interested in activities than normalSnappiness at teammates or familyHighly annoyed, irritable or down