Resistance training

Resistance training as introduced in the Conditioning for Youths online learning module, is training that requires the muscles to overcome resistance in order to complete the movement (Fleck and Kraemer, 1997). Resistance can be provided by gravity, bodyweight, free weights, and elastic bands etc.

Speed and agility training are forms of resistance training and will be addressed later in this module but the most common form of training that people associate with the term resistance training is weight training.

High levels of strength and power are key indicators of successful rugby performance (O’Sullivan, 2013). One of the best ways to develop these physical qualities is weight training. As rugby is a physical game, it can be an advantage to be bigger and stronger than your opponent. The coach needs to understand what type of weight training to use and when to use it to ensure the physical attribute needs of the player are targeted accordingly.

Weight training for the common needs in rugby; size, maximum strength and power will be introduced. This will inform the coach when designing a resistance training programme.