Ankle range of motion test

If a restriction is indicated to be present in the lower body, a common issue is lack of ankle mobility. This progression tests for that lack of mobility. The video below shows how to implement the test and the steps are as follows:

  • Tape is placed four inches from the box and the player places their hands on the box
  • The player assumes a half kneeling position with their toe at the tape. The aim is to then touch the knee off the box without raising the heel from the ground
  • If the heel raises from the ground then this indicates an ankle restriction/calf flexibility issue

If the heel rises the player has a restriction there and we can look at including exercises and stretches to try and fix the issue. Some stretches for the calf muscle are shown in the following corrective exercise videos.

These extra progressions from the original overhead squat test will hopefully help to pinpoint the area that needs to be addressed through the training programme.

Corrective exercises

Calf stretch – the player places the ball of their foot on a step with the heel unsupported, they then lower their body allowing the heel to drop until they feel a stretch in the calf muscle.

Foam rolling the calf – Place the calf on the foam roller and place the other leg on top of the leg to be rolled, this will add extra pressure and aid the release of tension, sweeping rolls and focus on any particularly sore areas to try and loosen them out.