General conditioning

This module will introduce the methods that we can use to train players and develop the underpinning physical attributes that determine success in rugby.

The module will focus on resistance, speed, and reactive agility training building on the more novice training techniques and methods introduced in the Conditioning for Youths online learning module.

It should however, be noted that age does not determine which players are ready to progress onto more advanced training methods and techniques. When the coach is deciding what level training methods would suit their players they need to consider training age (how much training experience the player has).

For example, a 25-year-old player may never have done any resistance training (training age of 0) whereas a 19-year-old player may have been resistance training since 15 years of age (training age of 4). Even though the 19-year-old is younger, they will benefit more from the more advanced training methods whereas the 25-year-old may find the advanced methods too hard.

By the end of this module the coach should have an increased awareness of the general conditioning methods available to prepare their players physically for the demands of rugby. Coaches should also be able to design and implement drills and training plans to help develop these physical attributes.