Manipulative and Coordination Movement skills

Manipulative and coordination movement skills include movements that involve giving force to objects or receiving force from objects. Throwing, catching, kicking, trapping, and striking are considered fundamental gross motor manipulative and coordination skills. Manipulative rugby skills are an elaboration and further refinement of these basic skills. Nearly all skills in rugby will have a manipulation and coordination movement skill foundation. Passing the ball, receiving a pass, catching a high ball, kicking the ball, tackling and scrummaging are all rugby specific skills that are manipulation and coordination based. While locomotor and stability skills are crucial fundamental skills in moving the player around the pitch and giving them the basic ability to play rugby, manipulative and coordination skills are extremely important in the actual rugby skills that the player will need. Some simple drills to work on manipulative and coordination skills are shown in the following videos.

Self-throwing and catching – the player carries a ball in their hands, they throw it up and catch the ball, the player can throw it as far as they like in any direction to challenge themselves.

Passing drill – players in pairs, they pass back and forth to each other over a set distance.

Catching a high ball – the coach kicks the ball up into the air, the child catches the ball. To progress, the player jumps and catches the ball landing softly and safely. To further progress two children could compete for the ball.