Module summary

This module introduced the warm-up, cool-down, and flexibility aspects of a training programme. The warm-up and why it is an important aspect of training children was discussed. Children have short attention spans and a warm-up can be very useful in getting them focused on the upcoming training session. It is also a prime time to work on functional movement skills to prepare the body for training.

The cool-down was also introduced as a useful part of the session to help return the body to the pre-exercise state. This will allow recovery and adaptation to occur which is extremely important for the child player.

Finally, flexibility was discussed and where it should fit into the training session. Static and dynamic stretching will both promote flexibility, but dynamic stretching should be used in the warm-up to prepare the body for rugby. Static should be used in the cool-down to develop flexibility.

Videos on warm-up, cool-down and flexibility exercise were provided throughout the module and the coach should now have an awareness of how to design each of these sections of the training session effectively.