The cool down and why it is needed

The purpose of a cool-down is to return the body and mind to a resting state (Marshall, 2011). The aim of any cool-down routine is to return to a pre-exercise level of composure. To achieve this, it is recommended using games so the child can enjoy the cool-down and still work on some skills. The cool-down is an ideal time to have children complete fun activities as part of the winding down process. These activities and games can be adapted depending on the number of children and the facilities/equipment available. The cool-down should not be overly structured and heavy on coaching points. Light activity is the key in this section of a training session. The coach does not want to defeat the purpose of a cool-down by having the activity too intense. Stretching and flexibility work is often included in a cool-down as it is not overly stressful and the heart rate will decrease while still working on an important component of fitness. Finally, a cool-down is also an ideal time to make sure players take on water as after training they will most likely be slightly dehydrated.