Initial Assessment and Management


Upon completion of this chapter you should be able to demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of initial assessment in Immediate Care in Rugby to the injured/ill player


  1. Identify the need to ensure the safety of the medical team before approaching and assessing an injured/ill player
  2. Identify the correct sequence of priorities for assessment of an injured/ill player
  3. Apply the principles in the primary and secondary evaluation surveys to the assessment of an injured/ill player
  4. Apply guidelines and approved techniques in the initial resuscitation of the injured/ill player
  5. Explain how the players medical history and the mechanism of injury contribute to the identification of conditions
  6. Understand the importance of re-evaluation of the injured/ill player
  7. Identify the role of the secondary survey understanding when this is applicable and the process
  8. Identify how to correctly prepare an injured/ill player for transfer to definitive care understanding the importance of documentation and communication with the receiving hospital