Primary Survey

Injured or critically ill players should be assessed and their treatment priorities established based from their injuries, vital signs and the mechanism of injury. The player’s vital signs must be assessed quickly and efficiently with management consisting of a rapid primary survey including resuscitation of identified problems and rapid re-evaluation.

This process constitutes of the ABCDEs of immediate care and identifies life threatening conditions by adhering to the following sequence.

  1. Catastrophic bleeding management
  2. Airway maintenance with C- spine protection
  3. Breathing with adequate ventilation
  4. Circulation with haemorrhage control
  5. Disability: neurological status
  6. Exposure & environment control

During the primary survey life threatening conditions should be identified and management commenced simultaneously. The assessment steps are presented sequentially in order of importance so for example a breathing problem should be managed before moving onto a circulation problem. If there are a number of attendees these steps are frequently accomplished simultaneously