Integrated conditioning

While the explosive skills of speed and agility discussed previously are of utmost importance in rugby, we cannot forget that rugby is an 80-minute game for union and 14-minute game for sevens. Within this period the player can cover large distances averaging 5-7 km (fifteens)or 1.4km (sevens) and they must repeatedly produce high intensity efforts like tackling, mauling and sprinting during this time (Swaby et al, 2016; Suarez-Aronnes et al 2012; Ross et al 2015). Both fifteens and sevens will require a high level of conditioning for success with the different variation and different positions determining the type of conditioning needed.

This module aims to highlight some methods of integrating conditioning work within rugby training.

By the end of this module the coach should be able to design integrated conditioning for incorporation into a training plan.