Facility and equipment requirements

Some basic equipment and surfaces are needed to perform the Overhead Squat screen. An indoor floor which is ideally wooden or vinyl ensures that any slight turning out of the foot happens easily. It is not encouraged to screen anyone on grass or on a hard surface such as tarmac, which would supply traction or grip to the foot. Two parallel lines marked on the floor can be used to designate the area where the player stands in preparation for the test. It is important that the feet are level and parallel at the start of each repetition. Pen, paper, and a clipboard are a good idea for recording the scores of players but this can also be recorded on a camera phone for convenience. A stick or broom handle is an essential tool of the screen. Players should present themselves in socks, shorts and a T-shirt whilst trying to avoid overly baggy clothes. This is to ensure that the coach can see what is happening to the feet, knees, torso, and arms during the screen.