The principles of training

The principles of training are intended to guide the coach in preparing, implementing, and reviewing the training programme. The principles are mainly formulated from the accumulated knowledge and research within coaching science and coaching practice. The principles, if used appropriately, will ensure that best practice in terms of work and recovery are followed. The basic principles of a training programme are known as the FITT principles:

  • Frequency – How often the players train
  • Intensity – How hard the players train
  • Time – How long the players train
  • Type – What training methods are used

These FITT principles can relate to a single training session or an entire training block but the premise is the same. We can manipulate these principles to adjust the physical workload our players endure. For example, if we increase the intensity of a session then the workload is obviously increased but if we were to reduce the time of the session then the workload would decrease. Adjusting these basic principles of training allows us to design a session or training block whilst adjusting the workload to meet the players’ needs.