Implications for conditioning

While the research in this population is sparse, there are some key pieces of information that the coach can use to inform the planning and implementation of a physical conditioning plan. While lower intensity efforts dominate the time on the rugby pitch it is likely that the high intensity passages of play and movements are the ones that decide the fate of the game. A good level of endurance is needed due to the ground covered by players during a game (around 4.5 km) but the high intensity running and sprinting will be vital for success on the rugby pitch. All players should be well-trained in tackling and how to fall safely but given the research above, these skills are particularly important with back-row forwards and inside backs due to the high rate and intensity of collisions in these positions. Work: rest ratios from the data can also provide useful information for physical conditioning training. The coach can try and develop conditioning games or drills which mimic the work: rest ratios of actual game play. This is very specific training and could transfer very well from the training pitch into the game situation.