Game demands warm-up and recovery

This module aims to address the physical demands placed on youth rugby players. Between the ages of 13-18 the player will be going through many physical growth and development changes. This is also a crucial period for developing the technical and tactical knowledge required to excel as a rugby player. With all these different challenges for the player, the coach needs to understand the demands of the game to prepare their players appropriately.

Warm-up will also be addressed in this module. This will build on from some of the warm-up principles introduced in the Children’s online learning module and will highlight best practice.

The key pillars of recovery and how they can help a player will also be addressed.

By the end of this module the coach should have a better understanding of the physical demands that the game of rugby places on their young players. The coach should also be able to design and implement appropriate warm-ups and recovery strategies to prepare their players appropriately.