• Faculty of Pre Hospital Care, Manual of Core Material (Collège royal des chirurgiens d'Édimbourg)
  • Advanced Life Support Manual (Resuscitation Council UK)
  • Essentials of Immediate Medical Care (C. John Eaton) (ISBN 0-443-05345-6)
  • Handbook of Immediate Medical Care (Greaves et al) (ISBN 0-7020-1881-3)
  • Practical Pre-hospital Care (Greaves et al) (ISBN 978-0-443-10360-5)
  • Pre-Hospital Care (Cooke) (ISBN 0-443-05987-X)
  • Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support Manual (ISBN 0-8151-6333-9)
  • Pre Hospital Medicine (Greaves & Porter) (ISBN 0-340-67656-6)

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