The Tyre Flip

One of the strongman exercises that is commonly used in rugby strength and conditioning is the Tyre Flip. As shown in the pictures below, this involves flipping a large tyre from a low, strong position like that adopted in a scrum or when tackling.

Care must be taken to ensure a safe and strong starting position with the forearms in contact with the tyre, the head up above the tyre and the shoulders above the hips. The player then drives forward and up with a triple extension of the hip, knee, and ankle to propel the tyre up and forward. This triple extension mimics many rugby actions such as tackling, scrummaging, and acceleration. The player then takes a step in towards the tyre and uses their knee to push the tyre up and forward to continue the upwards movement. The player then adjusts their grip to flip the tyre over. Grip strength and postural stability are challenged hugely during the tyre flip and both positively transfer to rugby specific performance. Old truck and tractor tyres are ideal for the Tyre Flip as they are large, heavy and can come in a range of sizes and weights.

Figure 12. Tyre Flip