Agility: sample training session

A sample session for the development of agility and change of direction is presented below in table 4. This session follows the same guidelines as above, however, in this case technical skills refer to learning closed skill movements such as the shuffle and cut, whereas, applying the skill refers to the inclusion of decision making and reactive elements through open skill drills and sports specific sequences such as a evasion drills, game scenario drills, and small-sided games.

Recovery is critical, however, agility does not need the large amounts of recovery required during acceleration or speed training. Rest is dictated by the type of drills being performed. Shorter drills may only require 1-2 minutes recovery. Small-sided games, where there is a conditioning element, require a longer recovery. Team games and competition like drills generally involve greater pattern recognition and more complex decision making. Some of the activities are demonstrated in the videos below.

Table 4: Sample agility session

Component Exercise Repetitions/Distance Sets Rest
Technical Skills: Closed Skills/Mechanics Side Shuffle 3 x 5m each side 1 1-2mins
  Cut 3 x 5m each side    
Open Drills: Reactive/Decision Making Mirror Drill 4 x 10 secs 1 1-2mins
  Run to Daylight 4x 5-10m    
Specific Drills Game Scenario 2-3 mins 2 ≥3min
    Rest between sets   ≥3min

Side Shuffle


Cut Sprint


Mirror Drill