Module summary

This module focused on the conditioning needs of the player and training methods that can be used to improve their physical conditioning. Both locomotion and the collision demands were introduced as well as factors which can influence the physical demands placed on players.

Physical capacities that should be focused on during conditioning for players were covered and it was highlighted that both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems must be trained to best prepare players.

Repeated sprint ability, maximal aerobic speed and tempo run training were introduced along with guidance for their associated training methods.

While the three energy systems are important to performance, most of the training time may be best used focusing on the aerobic and alactic systems. This will allow players to dominate the high intensity situations in a game and then recover effectively from doing so. The anaerobic glycolytic system may still be trained and benefits in fitness can be seen with this training, but this system does not have great trainability and therefore the coach could implement small blocks of this type of training at appropriate times.