Scope of Practice

At this point, it is important to highlight the role of the coach in administering these tests and indeed, their role in conducting any functional screening tests. The coach is now frequently charged with the responsibility of not just conducting but overseeing functional screening and the subsequent intervention. They are also responsible for prescribing corrective-based strategies to help improve movement and athletic function. Ideally, in fulfilling this role, the coach will work closely with medical support staff (physiotherapist, physical therapist, or medical professional) if available. The normal responsibilities, regarding medical care and injury, rest at all times, with the medical team. However, when the coach assumes the role of manager of the functional screening and corrective strategy programme, then they should at all times, be guided by the fact that any pain or medical condition, must be managed by the medical staff. A multidisciplinary combined approach from management staff is ideal when looking to create and administer a functional and dynamic performance testing programme for players.