Player Profile

This section examines the physical profile of the rugby player and some lifestyle factors that may impact rugby performance. It is important to identify the physical traits required both to play the game and for specific positions. This will allow coaches to target the training on developing these physical traits which should ultimately lead to improved game performance.

Figure 1. Development in all fitness components is important.

Rugby is a sport that requires development of several different and often competing physical qualities and as a result it is a challenge for the coach to maximise performance in each of these qualities. By identifying and understanding these physical qualities, the coach is better informed to plan training to maximise the physical development of the player.

What the player does outside of training can also impact on their performance in training and games. Lifestyle factors are important to consider when trying to optimally prepare players for performance. Whilst the coach cannot observe their players 24 hours a day, they should have an awareness of the external lifestyle stresses that may be placed upon them. The coach can then offer advice and help where it is appropriate to do so.