Acceleration: sample training session

A sample acceleration session is presented in table 2 below. Following an effective warm up, it begins with technical skill development drills: the wall drive drill (single exchange) and the A drill series progressing from the march to the skip. Resisted training methods follow with partner resisted marches and sled sprints. Finally, the newly developed skills are applied in the form of free sprints from a 3-point start. 3-point starts may be more appropriate for forwards (who often start from similar positions during a game e.g. at the base of a ruck). 2-point starts may be more appropriate for backs.

Full recovery between sets and repetitions is essential to maintain the quality of each sprint. Note that technical skills are much lower in intensity, requiring less rest. Resisted methods and free sprints are performed at a much higher intensity and require rest periods of up to 5 minutes between repetitions and up to 8 minutes between sets. Recovery is highly individual to the player and more or less rest may be required. The activities are demonstrated in the videos below.

Table 2. Sample acceleration session

Component Exercise Repetitions/Distance Sets Rest
Technical Skills: Mechanics Wall Drive: Single Exchange 1-2 x 5 each leg 1 1-2 mins
  A March 2 x 10m    
  A Skip 2 x 10m    
Resisted Methods Partner Resisted March 2 x 10m 1 ≤5min
  Sled Sprints 2 x 20m    
Skill Application: Free Sprints Free Sprints (3-point Start) 3 x 20m 1-2 ≤5min
    Rest Between Sets:   ≤8min


Wall Drive






Partner Resisted March


Sled Sprints