Maximal velocity: sample training session

A sample session for the development of maximal velocity is presented in Table 3 below. This session follows a similar structure to the acceleration session, beginning with technical skills (step over ankle and step over knee series of drills). Followed by assisted sprinting methods. These overspeed training methods override current abilities to create an adaptation that enables the development of faster unassisted speed. The skills are finally applied in free sprints.

During maximal velocity training, the distances the players run are longer, thus, there is a greater demand and intensity placed on them. In this case, longer recoveries may be more appropriate. Recovery is highly individual to the player and more or less rest may be required. The activities are demonstrated in the videos below.

Table 3. Sample Maximal Velocity Session

Component Exercise Repetitions/Distance Sets Rest
Technical Skills: Mechanics Step Overs   1 1-2mins
  Ankling 2 x 10m    
  A-Run (Step over Knee) 2 x 10m    
  Acceleration Drill 2 x 20-30m 1 ≤5min
Skill Application: Free Sprints Free Sprints (3-point Start/Rolling Start) 3 x 40m 1-2 ≤6-8min
    2 x Flying 30m    
    Rest between sets   ≤8-10min





Acceleration Drill


Free Sprints - rolling start