Module summary

This module identified the physical qualities that are important for development to optimise on-field performance. It is important for the coach to develop a training programme that can target these qualities. This may be challenging, given the many different types of physical demands placed on players, but if organised and planned well, a training plan can develop these physical qualities. Body size, body composition, strength, power, endurance, and speed are all important physical qualities in the game.

Lifestyle factors were introduced with the importance of sleep for athletic performance raised.

The management of social media and smartphone use is a more modern factor to consider for both the coach and player. The coach may be best placed in encouraging players to reduce social media time in leading up to both training and match-play.

From a nutritional aspect it is important to always consider the demands on the individual first and foremost. Each player will have different needs given their position, age, height, weight and energy expenditure during training and match-play. Some simple nutrition guidelines around training and performance were provided.