Functional Screening and Dynamic Testing

In this section we build on the Level 1 content where we examined some options available to the coach to test/screen players for efficient movement patterns and for tight or weak muscles leading to imbalances. We will introduce some more range of motion tests that can be used with players to assess movement capability. Joint range of motion (ROM) tests can be considered local tests. These tests provide the coach with a more detailed understanding of the local limitations in the player’s movement function. They will also allow the coach to direct exercise prescription to help address any issues that are identified in testing.

In conjunction with the tests and screens used to asses functional ability in the player, the use of a number of dynamic tests which assess the player’s performance about key joints will also aid the coach.

In this module we will introduce two dynamic tests, the tuck jump test and the shoulder stabilisation test. This module will also provide some corrective exercise examples that could be used to target issues identified by the ROM or dynamic tests. This module aims to not only give coaches more screening and testing options but also to help them address the issues they might identify through the testing.